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Preventative Dentistry

As indestructible as they may appear, teeth are as vulnerable to the effects of lifestyle and age as the rest of the body, particularly if not cared for properly.

Alton Dental offer a range of simple and effective procedures designed to help in preventing the possibility of decay and disease of the mouth.

From professional cleaning to mouth cancer screening, taking early action against dental complications is a heavily advisable decision. Alton Dental can show you how to clean your teeth properly. A common mistake made by many of us is inadequate or incorrect brushing of our teeth. They can even detect the very early stages of decay, making treatment considerably easier than it will be as the stages of decay progress.


Fluoride applications and fissure sealants for protection against decay.

Dental Hygiene

Scale & polishing teeth and teaching you how to keep them clean.

Bad Breath

Improve your social life with fresh breath.

Gum Disease

Treatment of swelling, soreness or infection of the gum tissues.

Decay Detection

Detect early decay and prevent unnecessary discomfort.

Mouth Cancer Screening

Smoking, drinking and unhealthy diets increase the risks of mouth cancer. Early detection increases the chances of survival.

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“Have been a patient with Alton Dental since 2007. Fantastic service, always helpful and ready to see you when you have an…”

Alison Recon

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“Dr Nikul has been very thorough and kind in every appointment. He has made himself very accessible and easy to contact, should…”

Katie Mason

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“Thanks to Grishma and Bidi today. I hadn't had a checkup for 2 years, and you were welcoming, thorough and gentle!”

Becci May

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“I had an hour-long hygienist visit yesterday with Orla which I was dreading! It turned out to be the great hygienist appointment…”

Lynn White

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“I rarely write reviews but feel my recent experience with the Clinic warrants one! Following a dental emergency, I was offered a…”

Chris Eliot

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“Let me start by saying that many years ago, my upper front tooth took a size 11 boot to it, which knocked…”

Tom B

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“After an emergency appointment during the covid pandemic, I was advised that a crown was needed on my tooth. I saw Nik…”

Joanna Saker

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“Alton Dental are a very welcoming practice and all the dentists I have met all have been very welcoming and informative to…”

Rita Webb

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“Reassuring and understanding. No one likes to go to the dentist but Nikul at Alton Dental makes it the professionals experience it…”


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